Casino Management

EPA provides international expertise in casino operations, finance, casino promotions, international marketing, food and beverage operations, retail, training, surveillance and security.

In the process, we adopt a cross-cultural management style that is tailored to each facility. Our management team can provide licensing application advisory services, pre-opening technical, advisory and management services associated with the scope and design of the casino facility.

Working with the management and the project’s development team, EPA will provide technical and advisory services in relation to the casino design and layout, ensuring that plans meet the required needs to attract and retain the target markets as detailed in the approved business and marketing plans. EPA will advise on, and recommend, the number and mix of tables and EGD’s required, as well as making known the overall needs that will be required to ensure an international standard gaming operation is put in place.

Keeping within the strict guidelines as laid down by the gaming authorities EPA will provide all pre-opening services and advice that may be reasonably required to open, operate, manage, and promote the project, consistent with the standards, methods, and procedures appropriate to an international class gaming facility. All policies and procedures would be written at this time and submitted to the local gaming authority for approval.

Once opened, we can provide ongoing casino management services for the casino facility.

In summary, EPA provides the following services through an agreed Technical Advisory Management Services Agreement (TAMS):
• License application advisory service
• Identify key Project design components for a permanent casino.
• Work with the developers and manage those elements associated with the casino construction process.
• Recommend and detail the casinos’ overall number and mix of gaming tables and electronic gaming devices (“EGD’s”).
• Provide estimates of start-up costs including casino equipment, surveillance needs and other required features of both operations.
• Identify and negotiate with casino and surveillance equipment suppliers for items such as tables, chairs, gaming chips, cards, scanners, cameras, etc.
• Identify and recommend, based on EPA’s evaluation of currently available systems, a computerized casino management system.
• Provide realistic casino revenue projections for the casino, based on the agreed scope and size of the facility.
• Determine the casinos’ quality grade in order to achieve the forecasted projections.
• Develop a statement of cash flows, and estimates of how much equity will be needed at certain points in time.
• Develop business and marketing plans.
• Under the provisions laid out in its Technical Advisory Management Agreement (TAMS), provide up to five key EPA executives for employment by and to the license holding Company.
• Recruit, train and develop all gaming staff to international standards.
• Open and manage all aspects of the casino operation.