Technical Advisory Management Services (TAMS)

Our technical, advisory and management services are provided through The TAMS Agreement. This agreement will detail the terms and conditions whereby EPA will provide technical advisory and management services in respect of the management and operation of the casino, subject to the respective covenants, terms and conditions contained in the agreement.

Once operational, and working through the TAMS Agreement, EPA will work toward implementing internationally accepted procedures and practices, and provide the Company with accurate and timely revenue and other operational reports as requested. A system of checks and balances will be put in place, which will give the Company a high degree of confidence in the integrity of this critical department.

EPA will recruit senior executives (“the EPA Executives “) for employment with the operating company. The EPA Executives may be one or all of the following:

• The General Manager – Operations
• The Casino Manager – Casino Operations
• The Cage Manager- Finance & Administration
• The Director – Security & Surveillance
• The Director – International Marketing

EPA will be responsible for the discharge of the obligations of the TAMS Agreement and, in particular for:

(1) Overseeing the day-to-day operation of the Casino, Cashier’s Cage, Surveillance and supporting operations
(2) Preparing operating budgets and all other accounts, reports and returns.
(3) Providing all policies and procedures associated with the operation and management of an international casino business.
(4) Negotiating marketing, junket agent recruitment and program agreements.

EPA Management shall monitor with reasonable care (having regard to EPA Management’s role hereunder as a provider of TAMS Services) the activities and performance of casino staff and management and shall advise the Company promptly of any deficiencies discovered and of any remedial action it recommends.

EPA will keep the Company informed from time to time on the means, methods, procedures, systems, techniques and policies employed or to be employed to maintain and expand the business of the casino as an international class gaming facility and to protect, safeguard and secure the physical and other assets of the Company in the implementation of those means, methods, procedures, systems, techniques and policies.

In an overseeing role, EPA will monitor the day to day management and operation of the casino, ensuring that all aspects of gaming continue to operate in an orderly, controlled and secure manner.