Social in Africa – The Next Big Thing?

It was a baptism of fire when we first tried to adopt what we had created in the UK around seven years ago. Virtuals are phenomenally popular with last year’s suspension of major sporting activities saw a significant spike. It was like every operator was clambering to sign up for our content. The reason it is [...]

Reopening of the Ukraine Casino Market

After a ten year hiatus, the Ukrainian government are looking to re-open casino gaming to local and international visitors. Home to 42 million people and ranked as one of the poorest European countries, an outsider looking in would have to ask, is there really a good business opportunity here for casinos to operate and flourish? [...]

Mobile Gaming Apps – Everything You Need To Know

Fueled by record levels of app downloads and consumer spend mobile gaming apps rule the world. Gamesresearch firm Newzoo reckons roughly one-third of the planet’s population – that’s 2.6 billion people – playedmobile games last year. That number is projected to grow to 2.7 billion in 2021. This informative report by Liftoff outlines in great [...]