Understanding Player Life Time Value

Understanding the importance of player lifetime value (LTV) is the difference betweensuccess and failure in any online gaming business. However many operators fail to grasp thecritical relationship between LTV and CPA and struggle to grasp that LTV tells you if a new customer or player is worth more than the cost of acquiring them. So [...]

Riding The BlockChain In 2021

At the core of any successful online gaming business is the need to innovate across allareas of product and game development. Incorporating new technologies and platformadvancements delivered to an audience continually hungry for innovation are keys tosuccess. An often misunderstood innovation to grab the internet is something called theBlockchain, an undeniably ingenious invention and the [...]

Proxy Betting In 2021

Proxy betting has been incredibly popular and generated huge revenues throughout SEAsia’s grey markets for a number of years. The platform can deliver upwards of 75% to aproperties bottom line. To understand more about proxy betting and why it should not be placed into the online casino basket click on the link below. click here [...]

EPA Update

Euro Pacific Asia Consulting Ltd (EPA) is proud to release the firms updated digital business services information brochure for the coming year. As landbased and investor groups scramble to move into online gaming the firm has broadened its management services port folio to include the provision of online casino turnkey solutions, digital market feasibility analysis [...]

The EPA Online Casino Roadmap

As a result of Covid, the online casino and social casino games business is booming and will continue to do so well into the future. Impressive revenues generated from well-run online platforms are a tempting prospect for land based casinos, investors and entrepreneurs. The EPA Roadmap is a must read for new entrants to the [...]

Are you looking to launch an online casino?

In this time of defining crisis and into the future, land based casino operators are looking to online in an effort to deliver additional branding opportunities and increase sagging bottom line revenues. Given the high cost, time to market and the complexities online gaming presents, casino operators should be taking the steep learning curve out [...]

What Can AI Deliver To Gaming?

An informative article that provides colour as to what AI is and how this new and exciting technology can be used across many aspects of your casino operation, both land based and online. Shaun McCamley the author also outlines where AI can promote responsible gaming and improve regulatory compliance. click here to read the full [...]

Online Gaming SE Asia – Yes You Can

As land based casino revenues continue to flounder and with no real end in sight to these difficult times, is there an online strategy that legally targets the very lucrative Asia markets, and which delivers much needed revenue to your properties bottom line? Click here to see how to legally target Asia online markets Download

Proxy Betting Platform Offers New Features

GameTrac, the proxy betting solution developed by EPA specifically for SE Asia Casino floors, has added a number of new features to its already impressive platform. Designed to increase player turnover as well as additional player incentive options, these enhancements will deliver much needed revenues to your bottom line. Like to learn more and arrange [...]