Proxy Betting a simple and cost effective revenue stream .

Proxy betting gives remote players a legitimate way to play across a wide range of SouthEast Asian markets, writes Shaun McCamley, managing partner at Euro Pacific Asia Consulting (EPA) – and today could hardly be easier to operate.
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Shaun McCamley quoted Nikkei Asian Review

NagaCorp doubles down with $3.5 bn casino plan – read the story here

Sihanoukville not yet top casino ops target: experts

The Cambodian province of Sihanoukville is still not a destination for first-tier gaming operators from around the world, despite recently attracting much Chinese capital for creation of hotel complexes, and with some of them possibly to be turned into casino resorts, several industry commentators told GGRAsia. Read the full article here

Shaun McCamley: Take a second look at social casino games

In this interview with’s Stephanie Raquel, Shaun McCamley of Global Market Advisors explains how gambling operators could capitalize on the popularity of social games.

No one can deny the popularity of mobile phones worldwide. In fact, analysts are predicting that the number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to hit the 5 billion mark by 2019. Watch the full interview here

Editorial by Shaun McCamley published in Betting Interactive

Proxy betting: A Friend indeed by Shaun McCamley

Proxy betting is booming in Asia’s grey markets, with live streaming of table games thought to be pulling in a chunk of Macau’s missing VIP billions.  In early 2016, industry analysts estimated that proxy betting’s contribution to overall Macau VIP betting volume had grown about 15 percent in 2015 from the prior year.  Proxy gambling, in its simplest form, allows a person to wager on a table game from a remote location, using a proxy to place his/her bets at a live table game in a casino, and communicating via telephone. You can read the rest of the article here

Shaun McCamley: Look at Proxy Betting combined with social casino games to build your brand

in this interview with’s Stephanie Raquel, Shaun McCamley of EPA discusses how proxy betting solutions and social games can help give casino operations in Asia a chance to build additional revenue.

Asia is at this moment the largest gambling market, but it’s also a very difficult one to operate in due to restrictions that stem from outdated government laws. Shaun McCamley, of Euro Pacific Asia, said “tough times” are ahead for operators, which is why they should start looking at other offerings to build brand and bring in additional revenue. Watch the full interview here

Shaun McCamley: How Asia facing firms are riding the BlockChain revolution – iGaming Times

Shaun McCamley, Managing Partner at EPA, talks through the myriad ways in which blockchain technology can revolutionise gaming, and how it’s being utilised by the Asia market.

Shaun McCamley quoted in Casino Review Magazine. Casino expansion on the cards for Myanmar

Myanmar’s Ministry of Home Affairs is looking to amend the country’s gambling law to allow the casino industry to open up, however Shaun McCamley, Managing Partner at Euro Pacific Asia, suggests that the new legislation could still be a way off. You can read the entire article here

Shaun McCamley quoted in Casino Review.

US government report highlights proxy betting as AML loophole A recent report by the US government identified the continued tolerance for proxy betting as an issue in the Philippines’ anti-money laundering infrastructure. You can read the entire article here

G2E Asia Awards: Meet the Judges – Shaun McCamley

With over 37 years’ experience in the land based and digital gaming industries, Shaun McCamley was recognized by Global Gaming Business Weekly as one of the top 25 industry people to watch in 2015.  Managing Partner at Euro Pacific Asia Ltd – since 2008 an international consulting firm providing specialised services to the casino gaming and hospitality industries – he is holder of Key Management Gaming Licenses issued by the USA and Australia. You can read the rest of the article here

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A Chinese Casino Has Conquered a Piece of America by Matthew Campbell

Dr. Marty Rohringer was ending a graveyard shift at the lone hospital on Saipan, the exceptionally remote U.S. Island, when four Chinese men arrived with a body. Read the entire article here

Shaun McCamley quoted in Gambling Insider

Vietnam: A step in the right direction? by Caroline Watson

A year ago, the Asian gaming landscape appeared bleak.  Macau was enjoying another year of steady decline, even after Melco Crown Galaxy Entertainment devoted $5bn in new resorts, whilst South Korea had more licenses available than qualified bidders.  There were so few attractive opportunities in the region that Asian companies were looking at Europe as an alternative. You can read the rest of the article here

Shaun McCamley quoted in Bloomburg Business Week

Phil Falcone Bets on a Casino (Where the Locals Can’t Gamble) by Matthew Campbell

It’s 7:55 on a sweltering Tuesday morning in southern Vietnam, and more than 1,000 cleaner, cooks, and card dealers from the Grand Ho Tram Strip casino wait outside the resort’s largest ballroom for a staff meeting to start.  A bass-heavy electronic beat booms from within.  When the doors finally open, drawing a cheer, the ballroom is dark, apart from beams from blue and white spotlights dancing across the ceiling.  In the middle of the floor are five figures.  Four are tall Vietnamese women, dressed in bright red, ankle-length feathered skirts; bright red, rhinestone-studded bikini tops; and bright red, feathered headdresses twice the width of their shoulders.  The women form a square and stride forward, hoplite warriors in the world’s weirdest phalanx, with the fifth person at their center: Michael Kelly, a middle-aged guy from Philadelphia who’d never even visited Asia before signing on as the casino’s executive chairman.

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