An opportunity for high net worth individuals to invest in a Social Gaming Services Company to be incorporated and formed in the United Kingdom and to be named RubieCon (the “Company”).

RubieCon will have two core offerings, the first being a B2C2B free play Asia focused social casino games platform and other social games targeting new generations of Asian players. The second core offering will be a BlockChain fuelled gaming platform created in house and open to all game publishers, advertisers and users. Designed to be a one stop shop GameWorkz will provide a games platform for games publishers and users, decentralised internal and private pseudo exchanges, a loyalty program, API end points, Ad server and builder. Disruptive and smart, RubieCon will ring in a new era of social gaming to an already hungry and impatient market.

This is an invitation to invest in a Company which will in turn use the funds to build and become SE Asia’s leading provider of localised social casino and other social games content fuelled with and through BlockChain technology. Unlike any other social gaming providers currently in this multi-billion dollar industry, RubieCon will deliver Asia focused localised games with an emphasis on providing community based entertainment surrounding the basic game play. The Company will build strong partnerships with leading and trusted Asian brands whilst working with localised CRM and support service providers.

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