Social Gaming

The Rise of Social Gaming

In 2017 the global social gaming industry generated $106 Billion in revenues, with the social casino gaming segment generating $4.5 billion in revenues. China, Japan and Korea generate 90% of the games revenue in the region. Asia is the second largest social casino market after North America with revenues of around $900 Million, and that number is growing with an eye popping 250% YoY growth. JP Morgan estimates in the coming year we will see 8% – 10% revenue growth in the Asia pacific region.

The most popular games are slots, bingo and poker which are easily played on mobile devices. Over the past couple of years there has been a definite and pronounced shift to mobile platforms, this reflects a move away from PC based platforms where social media giant Facebook, which in 2012 and 2013 was estimated to have 59% market share, today has an estimated 23% market share.

Next Steps

Casino floors are not going to open any time soon, and when they do eventually allow players back, ramping up business levels to pre Covid 19 levels will take time. Smart land based casino companies are already looking to get into social as they recognise easy cost effective branding opportunities with excellent cross
over promotions, the opportunity to build out their database whilst at the same time generating significant revenues.

If you are considering a move into either social or online casino gaming, would like to learn more about either platform, talk to us today about first steps and preparing a market feasibility study. Euro Pacific Asia Consulting has written and delivered social gaming feasibility studies to clients around the world. Not only does EPA have the development and operational experience to write and deliver your study, we are also able to prepare and execute the associated business plan.

Use EPA to map out critical strategic operational planning from project commencement through to the successful roll out of your platform. Contact us today for a detailed proposal.