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China Takes On Blockchain

The CAC will ramp up monitoring of blockchain services, while increasing scrutiny on servers, cloud storage, communication transmission, virtual private network services (VPN), and other internet technology companies providing services for online gambling activities aims to strengthen the management from the roots.  Read the full story here

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Social in Africa – The Next Big Thing?

It was a baptism of fire when we first tried to adopt what we had created in the UK around seven years ago. Virtuals are phenomenally popular with last year’s suspension of major sporting activities saw a significant spike. It was like every operator was clambering to sign up for our content. The reason it is […]

How Important Are Localised Games?

Suppliers wax lyrical about the importance of knowing and understanding players to develop games that appeal to specific demographics. It is said that a European player is not the same as a Asian player therefore the content needs to be ‘localised’ to be successful.


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