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Reopening of the Ukraine Casino Market

After a ten year hiatus, the Ukrainian government are looking to re-open casino gaming to local and international visitors. Home to 42 million people and ranked as one of the poorest European countries, an outsider looking in would have to ask, is there really a good business opportunity here for casinos to operate and flourish? […]

Mobile Social Casino – A Rising Tide

With continued and future disruptions on land-based casino revenues, industry executives are asking whether online casino platforms, which have seen rapid growth rates, can play a role in assisting stalled revenue lines and help them move beyond these difficult times. Click here to access

Pandemic sparks live casino innovation

“As a direct result of Covid, we are seeing and in my opinion will continue to see, a significant uptake in the online space,” comments Shaun McCamley of Euro Pacific Asia Consulting. Click here to access

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Embrace Online or Lose Out

Just one year on from Covid we are seeing social casino platform valuations of $1.5 Billion. This article which details the importance of gaining a foothold in the digital space is particularly relevant and timely. Click here to learn more

Mobile Gaming Apps – Everything You Need To Know

Fueled by record levels of app downloads and consumer spend mobile gaming apps rule the world. Gamesresearch firm Newzoo reckons roughly one-third of the planet’s population – that’s 2.6 billion people – playedmobile games last year. That number is projected to grow to 2.7 billion in 2021. This informative report by Liftoff outlines in great […]

Understanding Player Life Time Value

Understanding the importance of player lifetime value (LTV) is the difference betweensuccess and failure in any online gaming business. However many operators fail to grasp thecritical relationship between LTV and CPA and struggle to grasp that LTV tells you if a new customer or player is worth more than the cost of acquiring them. So […]


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